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Analysis Of Storm Of Steel - 2033 Words

World War One was a time when millions of men and women joined the military to fight, because of their desires, or because their government forced them. The major world powers were eager for the war, and all expected greatness. â€Å"The outbreak of the war was greeted with enthusiasm in the major cities of all the belligerent powers† (Howard, 27). Ernst Junger describes his experiences before and during the war in his book, Storm of Steel. He speaks about his negative experiences, but also promotes the positivity of the war and his German comrades. Louis Barthas describes his experiences in his book, Pouilu, mainly speaking about the negativity he deals with while serving for the French military. Barathas is never truly able to find his†¦show more content†¦Grown up in an age of security, we shared a yearning for danger, for the experience of the extraordinary. We were enraptured by war† (Junger 5). Junger views World War One as a way to have a more exciting ti me than working a typical job. He wants to go to war to find enjoyment in his life. Additionally, Junger views Germany as the greatest place in the world, and joins the war to protect the place he loves. Junger is more than willing to die in order to protect his country. He sees â€Å"‘no finer death in all the world than†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ Anything to participate and not stay at home!† (Junger, 5). Dying at war is a feeling some are scared of, but many Germans love their lives and country so much that they are willing to die to let others enjoy the life in Germany. German’s believe that they live in a â€Å"beautiful country†¦ and eminently worth our blood and our lives† (Junger, 33). German’s have a sense of pride and willingness to sacrifice for their country, like many other major world powers at the beginning of World War One. Many French citizens also share the same sense of nationalism for France. They too were eager to serve for their military in World War One. They all â€Å"got ready, at a fever pitch, as if they really feared not getting there in time before the victory was complete. A few headed off even before their appointed departureShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Storm Of Steel 2244 Words   |  9 Pagesperiods the authors had joined in the war effort. Firstly, Ernst Jà ¼nger had joined the war in 1914, at the outbreak of war, when Europe and young soldiers were enthusiastic about fighting for their home countries. Throughout his autobiography, Storm of Steel, Jà ¼nger keeps this same outlook of heroism and pride when speaking of the war. By contrast, Erich Remarque s novel All Quiet on the Western Front, despite being a fictional account, can be said to directly reflect Remarque s opinions on theRead MoreClimate Change And Global Warming1257 Words   |  6 Pagesbut the world. From the disconcerting to the dangerous, wind has always been an important consideration when constructing high rise buildings. Today, wind engineering is an integral aspect in the design of any new tall building. Since the 10-storey steel-frame Home Insurance Building, the world’s first skyscraper, opened in Chicago in 1885, architects have had to think about wind stress as higher buildings are made rapidly today. High rise buildings in Malaysia such as the Petronas Twin Towers andRead MoreNew Guidelines And Infrastructure Improvements In New Orleans Essay1220 Words   |  5 Pagesthat consist of a reinforced concrete wall and base with steel sheet pile cut-off† (USACE 5-4). The reasoning for this replacement pertains to the overall performance during Hurricane Katrina. Based on calculations, the T-walls were more resilient to overtopping and instability compared to the I-walls and L-walls. Furthermore, T-walls are not as susceptible to catastrophic failure when impacted by debris or potential freight vessels, and the steel sheet piling could prevent seepage and potential accumulationRead MoreEssay about Case Study1128 Words   |  5 PagesISyE 6203 Transportation and Supply Chain` Systems Spring 2013 Case Study: Arc Routing The Bridges of Konigsberg 1) Was there ever a date at which an Eulerian walk over the steel bridges of Konigsberg were possible, without using any wooden bridges? If so, when? If not, show that it was never possible. For a Eulerian walk to be possible two conditions must hold a) The undirected graph must be connected b) Each node must be of even degree. Name of the bridge | Date built | Read MoreOverview Of A Riser System1226 Words   |  5 Pagessimplified analyses†¦Charles P. Sparks c2007). However, in addition to this primary function, risers may also contribute in hindering the motions of the vessel particularly when carrying out a fully coupled analysis thereby aiding the mooring system in station keeping of the vessel.( ANALYSIS OF MOORING AND STEEL CATENARY RISERS SYSTEM IN ULTRA DEEPWATER Umaru Muhammad Ba) A riser system overview (1) A riser system overview (2) The riser connection between the sea bed equipment and the floating platformRead MoreThe Economy in India: Recessionary Effect Essay789 Words   |  4 Pageswhich either can favour or prevent it’s goal to be materialised. Amtek had taken a decision to venture into green field projects of steel in all the good faith that the booming condition of market would sustain. However situation changed, and change in the economic condition resulted in change of social and political scenario as well. Following is a detail analysis of the PESTEL framework for Amtek, which suggests why had the decision of green field venture had gone wrong. 1. Political: The centralRead More Cliches Essay804 Words   |  4 Pages â€Å"If you study balls to the wall from now on, you just might pass this class†- said my roommate when he saw me studying for the Financial Statement Analysis course, â€Å"Professor is a real ball breaker.† When I heard that phrase, I assumed he was referring to testicles, but in fact he wasn’t. Balls to the wall means to push to the limit, go all out, full speed. This is a very colorful phrase; one needs to be careful when using it. Although its real origin is very benign, most people assume it is a referenceRead MoreWinter: A Magical Time of Year809 Words   |  3 Pagescold weather. Winter is a great time to just sit inside by a fire and read a book. The peace and quiet of winter is also what makes it one of the best seasons of the year. The analysis of the following poems â€Å"Now Winter Nights Enlarge† by Thomas Campion, â€Å"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening† by Robert Frost , â€Å"Like Brooms of Steel† by Emily Dickinson, â€Å"Winter Morning† by William Jay Smith, â€Å"Winter: 10 degrees† by Barbara Novack, and â€Å"Winter Sunday† by Mark Wunderlich will show how they are all relatedRead MoreQuestions On The Flood Management At Horrabridge And The Goals Of Protection1362 Words   |  6 PagesConcrete-block Mattresses Concrete blocks of about 12 inches by 12 inches by 9 inches laced together with synthetic or steel rope. The mattresses are placed on sloping banks and anchored into the underlying soil Riprap Layer of well graded stone or rock placed on a sloping bank face to resist erosive flood waters. Cable Trees Trees having no leaves are anchored with steel cables and stabilize the area. 2.2.4 Bridge Replacement Wider abutments should be used by replacing bridge to theRead MoreDefinitions And Differences : Current Trends And Practices1135 Words   |  5 Pagesconductive concrete is the Roca Spur Bridge on Nebraska Highway 77 South, a three-span highway bridge at 46m (150 ft) long and 11 m (36 ft) wide. â€Å"Completed in 2002, its deck incorporates a 100 mm (4 in.) thick conductive concrete inlay containing steel fibers and carbon materials, respectively comprising 1.5 and 25% of the total concrete volume. The inlay consists of 52 slab units-each 1.2 x 4.1 m (4 x 14 ft) in plan-that can be individually electrified. The resistance of the concrete is sufficient

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Social Work As A Practice Based Profession - 1452 Words

â€Å"Social work is a practice-based profession and an academic discipline that promotes social change and development, social cohesion and the empowerment and liberation of people. Social work engages people and structures to address life changes and enhance wellbeing†. In 2009/10 over 600,000 children were referred to social services, highlighting the importance of social work; however there are some cases in the media that suggests that sometimes Social Work isn’t as effective as some people think. There are 7 different Social Work specialities: 1. Child, family and school social worker 2. Community social worker 3. Hospice palliative care social worker 4. Medical and health social worker 5. Mental health substance abuse social worker 6. Military and veterans social work 7. Psychiatric social worker Throughout this essay I will be exploring 5 main aims that will help me come to the conclusion of whether we need social workers, these are: 1. Who are social workers? 2. When was social work introduced? 3. Social work stories in the media, what is the purpose of social work? 4. What makes social work ineffective? History of Social Work Social work has always been around, whether it is through small schemes or to the scale that we see today. The first signs of social work were introduced by Elizabeth Gurney Fry when she made changes to local prisons. These changes had three â€Å"core ingredients† 1. Male and female prisoners had to be accommodated separately and guards hadShow MoreRelatedPersonal Reflection On The Social Work Profession847 Words   |  4 Pagesa personal reflection on my understanding of the social work profession, as I get ready for my field placement. I will reflect on my evolving sense of professional identity, and will discuss my growth in terms of self-awareness. I will further deliberate about my knowledge of the Social Work profession. My current understanding of the profession, and activities, tasks and roles that I may undertake in a placement situation The Social Work profession in Ontario is a complete, accredited program thatRead MoreThe Social Workers Ethical Accountability1185 Words   |  5 PagesThere is an increasing necessity for social workers to increase their understanding of the skills and knowledge required to undertake the client’s challenges that are referred to them (Munro, 2004, p. 1076). It can be argued that evidence-based practice is the social workers ethical accountability. This is beneficial for the clients as individuals, and groups that social workers interact with (Plath, 2006, p. 59). Clients are involved as knowledgeable contributors in decision-making. Any ambiguityRead MoreThe Image of Nursing Essay1107 Words   |  5 Pageson Nursing has evolved rapidly. Nurses work in an extremely stressful environment and must carry out their duties in a professional manner to ensure proper procedures are followed throughout their routines. They also have a considerable amount of responsibility that comes w ith their career. For those reasons nurses must present themselves in a professional and structured manner at all times. The Image of Nursing describes how people in and out of the profession see nurses. Nurses must protect and continuouslyRead MoreThe Role Of A Social Worker909 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Law has come to play a very important part in social work practice. It can be said that the understanding of law underpins and provides duties and power, whilst understanding the statutory legal requirements is essential for effective, fair, anti-discriminatory practice (Brammer 2007). Due to the shear amount of laws and legislation that have been passed or updated over the last decade, the role of the social worker, metaphorically speaking could be said to have become somewhat of aRead MoreWhy The Cswe And The Nasw View Research1452 Words   |  6 Pages1) Discuss why the CSWE and the NASW view research as important to our profession. Be thorough in your answer The CSWE and the NASW view research as important to our profession because social workers must use research to advise and support their interventions, thus social workers are held accountable to acquire the knowledge and skills to help all our clients. In regards to research, the CSWE has two policy statements that social worker must adhere by: â€Å"applying critical thinking to inform and communicateRead MoreA Brief Note On The Canadian And Philippine Social Work Practice925 Words   |  4 PagesSocial Work in Canada and The Philippines Despite geographically on different corners of the world, there remains a lot of similarities between the Canadian and Philippine social work practice. In both jurisdictions, social work is a recognized profession. In the Philippines, Republic Act 4373 laid the basis for professionalization social work. The organized social work practice in the Philippines was introduced during the American rule (1898-1946) to gradually extend public coordination of welfareRead MoreThe Social Work Of Canada997 Words   |  4 Pages Social work is represented and recognized as a caring profession all over the world. Canada has a social work history which is same as Western social work. The Canadian social work profession has undergone too many changes to cope with the changing needs of the population. The social work domain welcomed new theories and approaches which shaped the modern social work profession as seen today. However, current social work practice needs a transformation in order to better address the diverse populationRead MoreValues Ethics in Social Work 1298 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"In this essay, we have been asked to critically assess the professional values in the ‘British Association of Social Work’ (BASW). With this the concepts of ethics and how this operates in social work practice and analyse the general role in governing and representatives bodies in social work practice†. Values are described as set of rules and guides in the right and wrong decisions we make. Values facilitates the decisions in recognising what is worthy and valuable, with this, weighs out the importantRead MoreSocial Work : An Empowering Profession1331 Words   |  6 PagesSocial work is a profession that is dedicated to helping individuals, families, groups, and communities to enhance their collective and individual well-being. The NASW Code of Ethics states, â€Å"The primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty† (National Association of Social Workers, 2008). The concernRead MoreSocial Work Values And Ethics1441 Words   |  6 PagesRunning head: Social Work Values and Ethics 1 Social Work Values and Ethics Unique to the Profession Jessica A. Rosario Arizona State University Social Work Values and Ethics 2 Abstract The history and evolution of social work dates to the late 1800’s. Since the profession was recognized many concerns arose regarding the values and ethics of social workers. The key points of the

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Animal Farm Free Essays

Animal Farm Free Essays Animal Farm Essay â€Å"Without Squealer the pigs would never have been in such a powerful position. † To what extent do you agree? George Orwell’s â€Å"Animal Farm† is a complex novel, which explores in depth the motions of leaders and the leaded, and how the human condition affects our own moral thinking. On Animal Farm the pigs are stated as the higher, wiser animals on Animal Farm and the major decisions on the farm were made by them and then justified by squealer the persuasive politician-like pig. We will write a custom essay sample on Animal Farm or any similar topic only for you Order Now Natural authority creates the position the pigs are in, which is against the original ideas of Old Major and his ideology of â€Å"All animals are equal†. But is the position the pigs are in maintained by Squealers persuasive ways? I believe that the pigs are originally created higher than the other pigs as their knowledge is greater than any other animal, which results in natural leadership over Animal Farm. Squealer â€Å"Who could turn black into white† is Napoleons greatest asset in his plot to control animal farm. He convinces every animal on the farm that Napoleons actions are always right. As the rules change on Animal Farm Squealer is sent to the other animals to justify the changes or reminds them that those rules were always there. Squealer is thought of as a politician trying to convince another party that there parties ideals are right although on Animal Farm the other animals aren’t smart enough to debate the witty arguments Squealer presents. Limiting the terms of debate and creating a â€Å"right or wrong† argument creates greater control over the animals and less rebuttal. Squealers complicated language makes the Animals uneasy and they agree in doubt. Squealers name also suits him as to squeal depicts his vocal manor in his job for Napoleon. Orwell starts the book of as a dream for a better future for the animals on the farm where all animals are equal. How to cite Animal Farm, Papers Animal Farm Free Essays Those in power will inevitably become corrupt. To what extent do you agree? George Rowel’s novel, Animal Farm shows the overlaying theme of the corruption of power. Power, more often than not, causes the bearer to become corrupt, which causes them to lose most sense, besides that, which will get them more power. We will write a custom essay sample on Animal Farm or any similar topic only for you Order Now In the beginning of the novel we are introduced to Old Major. He holds power on Manor Farm. Old Major uses his power to introduce Minimalism and the Seven Commandments. He dies before we can see if his power corrupts would him. Napoleon who takes control of the farm next lives throughout the book therefore we see the corruption of his high status of power. One other animal that we see have the status of power is Boxer. He doesn’t have the same type of power as the other two animals nor would he use it in the same way if he had. Boxer is one example of someone who has power but doesn’t let it corrupt him. Power can only corrupt you If you let It. Power contains many factors In the lead up to corruption. Animal Farm shows the how depending on your nature and what you do and treat your power; It will change whether for the good or the bad. Old Major is the power head at the beginning of the novel. He is well respected among the other animals to which they are â€Å"happy to lose an hour’s sleep in order to hear what he had to say†. At the time Old Major is one of the smartest if not the smartest animal on the farm therefore he is able to use his power to easily convince the other animals of the idea of minimalism and starting a rebellion. He thought that all animals needed to unite under one ruler ship – Minimalism – and that they needed to usurp the humans because man is the problem for all animals. In his speech he sees the propaganda In order to persuade them. He outlines that their lives are â€Å"miserable, laborious and short†. Propaganda would only work if there was a level of power. Old Major uses his level of power and Intellect to get the animals to do what he says and to follow his Ideas whether they are right or wrong. Old Major’s power didn’t live long enough for his power to corrupt him, however he did use his power to get rid of those whose power had corrupted them – Mr. Jones. For a short period after his death – until Napoleon, the next power head, steps up – his power is still ensured which leads the rebellion and the first strands of life on the newly named Animal Farm. Not long after the death of Old Major, Napoleon steps up as the unofficial leader because at that stage It Is thought to have equality with all animals. The idea that ‘all animals are equal but some are more equal than others’, Isn’t about Just yet. Napoleon was always a respected person. He has a â€Å"reputation for getting his own way’, which provided him with a small level of power. There Is a saying that reads, ‘knowledge Is power and power Is knowledge’. We see It many times In Animal Farm, miming from Napoleon’s character. One example of this is when, after the dogs give this because they don’t feel that anything is wrong because the face that they are being shown isn’t the honest one. When it is too late, it is discovered that the puppies were taught about the ways of Napoleon and therefore grew up and turned corrupt, which happened to Napoleon after his status of power had gotten to be too much that it turned him corrupt. â€Å"Napoleon is always right†, is a saying that is continuous after animal equality is broken. This is built on fear, lies and injustice. On the outside Napoleon cares about the revolution and keeping Mr. Jones off the farm. However, looks can be deceiving. He cares more about maintaining his power and making sure his power is rising higher and higher that he doesn’t care what he uses and says to get there. Napoleon uses the other animals’ fear of Jones to get them to do what he wants. Napoleon lets his power corrupt him and doesn’t seem to notice or care about the consequences of his actions which is an attribute of a terrible leader and person that holds power. Napoleon was a harsh, unjust and corrupt holder of power. But not all people who old power are corrupt or are even that obvious that they hold power. An example of this is Boxer. He holds a level of power not to the extent of Napoleon or even Old Major however it is still there. Power isn’t Just about having control over people it is, power can also be having an influence on a group of people – or in this case animals – or having people look up to you as an inspiration. Boxer has this type of power. He has a big influence on the other animals especially the smaller ones that feel they are looked down upon. Where Napoleon sends other animals to kill a fellow, Boxer is overwhelmed with distress at the prospect of killing someone even if that someone is a human. â€Å"Nothing could have been achieved without Boxer. † Boxer isn’t one of those people who crave power, in fact shied away from it at most. He sat quietly and did his work no matter the conditions or complications he worked until he literally couldn’t stand anymore. Boxer is one to prove that not everyone in power will become corrupt. It Just depends on your morals and what type of person you are and the things you believe in. Not everyone in power will inevitably become corrupt. How to cite Animal Farm, Papers

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King Lear Essay Thesis Example For Students

King Lear Essay Thesis King Lear: topic #2, revision. Matt Diggs IIILear: Be your tears wet? Yes faith, I pray weep not. If you have poison for me, I will drink it. I know you do not love me; for your sisters Have (as I do remember) done me wrong. You have some cause, they have not. Cordelia: No cause, no cause.In Shakespeares King Lear the character Cordelia is disowned and denied dowry because she is unable to bring herself to flatter her father. This honesty is taken as insult by Lear in the opening act of the play, and he renounces the princess in a fit of rage. Yet when his other, more glib and oily (I.i. 224) daughters have ruined him, it is faithful Cordelia who comforts him. While she has the greatest reason to act against Lear, she claims she has No cause,(IV,iv,74) to do so. What is it within Cordelias soul that manifests good in the face of evil? What qualities make her the plays most virtuous character? Because she is not actually present during the majority of the play, it is difficult to obtain an accurate psychological picture of Cordelia. BUT HER WORDS AND ACTIONS, HOWEVER SPARSE, DEFINE CORDELIA AS HONEST, SELFLESS AND COURAGEOUS. It is these qualities that display Cordelias clear comprehension of the duties implicit in the father-daughter and k ing-subject bond. Part of Cordelias moral integrity lies in her bluntness, and while Lears daughter does seem tactless in her first appearance, saying, Unhappy that I am, I cannot heaveMy heart into my mouth. I love your MajestyAccording to my bond, no more nor less, (I.i.91-93) it is this honesty that contrast her to her sisters. In Lear, the long diatribes of compliment often belong to the most vile of characters, but not so with Cordelia. Her love is boundless, but not expressible through flattery. Though she makes little effort to elucidate her simple words, her bond is substantial, having been Begot, bred and loved,(I,i,96) by her father. Cordelia speaks in her explanation of performing her duties as she sees right fit.(I,i,97) Acting with such perfect purpose defines the princess as possibly the only absolutely righteous character in the play. But apart from merely confronting the possibility of losing her fortunes, she accepts her kings decision with silence. She knows the consequences of her a ctions, yet does not stray from her ethical duties. Cordelias reverence for Lear does not blur her comprehension of his folly. Because she appears incapable of altering the truth, she does admit that her father is blinded by his ungoverned rage,(IV,iv,19) and is mistaken in his actions. She does not, however, risk the disgrace of Lear by speaking of these things in his presence.Far from contradicting her honesty, this furthers her ideal of honoring her king.Moreover, her speech is not so tame to those to whom she has no paternal bond. Indeed, sweet is the rose and sharp is the thorn. She freely tells of her sisters faults as they are named.(I,i,271) The mildness of her declaration of love was an attempt to reveal her sisters as exaggerated. At no point in the play does Cordelia appear to have any concern for her own advancement. She ignores countless opportunities to gain fortune and recognition. From denying herself the best dowery to marshaling troops for her fathers defense, Cord elia does not act in her own interest at any point. When she states, My mourning, and importuned tears hath pitied. No blown ambition doth our arms inciteBut love, dear love, and our aged fathers right. .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4 , .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4 .postImageUrl , .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4 , .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4:hover , .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4:visited , .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4:active { border:0!important; } .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4:active , .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4 .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u4be3115dbd30fd52118664bb49a267d4:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Women And Sexism EssaySoon may I hear and see him, (IV,iv, 22-9)she seems hardly conscious of the magnitude of her sacrifice. She even denies herself the retribution her father has earned so well. This selflessness is not as much a series of actions by Cordelia as it is a way of life. There is never a point at which she admits to any indecision as to her proper course, and she attains a kind of predictability. Like a savior, her sacrifice benefits others, and her work is solely for her Poor perdu. (IV,iv,35)A large part of the princesss charity is her unwillingness to recognize herself for what she is. The viewer receives the strong impression that she is unconscious